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Sarah's “Interesting” Food Takes, Ranked

Sarah Barshop is a co-worker of mine at Sports Illustrated. She has mostly fine and good thoughts about the world we live in, except she holds some particularly strong opinions about foods the rest of us proudly know and love. Realisitically, Sarah has many bad food takes, and you may be wondering about which one is the worst. Here, I’ve not only compiled the list, but ranked her takes from bad to most flagrant.

3. I hate syrup

(“If the food is good why does it need syrup?”) C’mon, Sarah. Syrup is delicious. This isn’t an entirely bad take, because syrup can get very sticky. But I’d argue that’s also part of the fun. And what are her feelings on other condiments? This take is dicey.


2. I hate quesadillas (“Why wouldn’t you just eat a burrito?”) Quesadillas are perfectly harmless. A quick, easy snack to make. Maybe sometimes you aren’t hungry enough for a burrito! Quesadillas are essentially flatbread grilled cheeses. If Sarah lived in Brooklyn, she’d happily pay $12 for a flatbread grilled cheese without batting an eye. But she gets all high and mighty when tortillas come into play—give it a rest.

1. I hate waffles (“Who wants to eat bread for breakfast?”) Remember waking up on a sunny Sunday morning to the smell of waffles lurking around the corners of your home? You’d grab a plate and plop down in front of your favorite cartoons, covered in syrup and butter, smelling waffle-y and feeling warm. Those were some of the best times of your life. Sarah looks at your fuzzy memories and cackles while throwing an un-eaten waffle in the trash.

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