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Erin's Last Day

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Today was Erin Flynn’s last day at Sports Illustrated. Erin was a B+ party host who had a wide range of blogging skills. I will best remember the time she ate ice cream and pasta (in that order!) on the same day.


Here is how the rest of Erin’s co-workers will remember her:

“I prewrote this quote about Erin Flynn. Do not publish until official,” - Ryan Hunt


“Any animal that lets a person climb on its back is stupid. actual i think i heard a comedian say that so i dont want to steal. no quote from me,” - Brendan

“Wow [this is] dangerous territory for an intern to venture into. Erin signed me up for a workout class without my consent, which says a lot about her care for her co-worker,s” - The intern (allegedly his name is daniel)


“Erin can GET OFF MY LAWN,” - Mike Harris, office curmudgeonly old guy

“Erin Flynn was an adequate blogger. Her contributions to ChatSports will not soon be forgotten. (They will be forgotten eventually, though.),” - Gartland


“Erin was far too nice and competent for the Wire staff. She never fit in. Bill Carey’s best two moves at SI: 1) Leaving 2) Hiring Erin,” - Dollinger

“Erin wore way too much pink for the SI office, even on days other than Wednesday. Hopefully her replacement will wear plaid button-ups like the rest of the team,” - Jamie


“Erin smiled too much and frankly, I don’t know what she was always so happy about. It made me feel like I was missing out on something,” - Andy

“Good luck in your new adventure. I hope this move doesn’t mean you’ll post fewer swerve or sweet potato snapchats.” -DeAntae “Leather Pants” Prince


“I would be sad if Erin were leaving, but I already left, so it’s pretty much the same to me,” - David Gardner

“Erin was always there to edti my stores when I messef up and aleays did ti with a smle and for thati thank her,” - Kenny


“Erin and I sat next to each other for two years and shared a trash can. I’d like to thank her for hosting the Wire Christmas party and I guess also apologize for the aftermath. Keep it up, Erin. See you at Swerve,” - SI Now’s Chris Chavez

“Erin is basically Rachel Ray if Rachel Ray wore a lot more pink. Have you seen her zucchini and dinosaur kale? I actually use her Instagram stories as a cookbook. I hope she’s still my friend when she becomes a famous food blogger,” Xandria


“Erin Flynn, stop trying to make healthy eating happen. It’s not going to happen.” - Kelsey

“Erin is extraordinarily reliable, hardworking and a wonderful coworker. But what impressed me most was her tremendous willpower in the face of constant gastronomic temptation. Despite sitting mere feet from a table used primarily for free doughnuts, she never once indulged. She’s an inspiration to us all,” - Stanley Kay


“Erin claimed to be a healthy eater, but I saw her sneak Bobby Clay cookies every day. I don’t know. I’m not funny. You can make it better,” - Sarah “La Chapa” Barshop. (Ed. Note: Sarah has her own sordid history with food.)

“Erin didn’t tell me she was leaving,” - Bill Carey, friend of the program

Jeremy Woo was left out. Art by Daniel J. Gartland.

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